Baldwin Battlefield Tours provides independent guide, research and consultancy services for people or groups seeking to visit battlefields and other military heritage.

We provide battlefield guides and historians to support battlefield tours, battlefield studies and staff rides.   

Some Clients

Helping individuals and small groups, like the family pictured, to travel to a wide range of destinations, on tours of Remembrance or family pilgrimages. More about personalised pilgrimages here 

Wartime Wanderers Revisited

A special battlefield study to Italy, in the footsteps of the Bolton and Manchester Artillery on the battlefields of the Sangro and Moro Rivers and Monte Cassino. More here 

More about the Wartime Wanderers here

Operation Reflect Army Staff Ride 2018 

Baldwin Battlefield Tours provided a battlefield historian for the British Army’s Staff Ride 2018. Our historian facilitated the discussion helping participants to explore the past, extract lessons relevant to the present day and project these into future plans.  More information on Staff Ride Services here  


The business is owned by historian and tour guide Frank Baldwin. He has been working as a battlefield guides since 1989. Since then he has taken groups and individuals on over 150 tours covering military history from Caesar to the Cold War. Frank holds Badge No 8 of the Guild of Battlefield Guides.

War Stories and what to see

How did the Allies evacuate so many soldiers at Dunkirk under the German threat??

In May 1940 the Germans decisively defeated the Franco-British armies and their Belgian and Dutch allies.  By the 15th the French high command admitted that they had lost the battle. By 20th May  German Panzers had reached the coast, splitting the allied armies in Belgium from France.  On 22nd May German armour was poised to …

Was Montgomery to Blame for the failure to take Caen?

On 15th May General Bernard Law Montgomery, the British commander of the Allied land forces told the assembled allied commanders that the allied troops would press on inland south of Caen, securing airfields and providing a shield for a American breakout towards Brittany.  But that did not happen.  Instead, after brief battles on D Day …


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