Personalised Pilgrimages

Are you trying to visit a battlefield, grave or memorial in an out of the way destination?

Most British War dead are buried or commemorated in just three countries Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the war graves and memorials tend to be concentrated in some areas. Battlefields and remembrance travel is like any form of tourism. It is cheaper if you want to travel to where everyone else wants to go. But what of you want to visit places unique to the story that you are following or visit the grave of a relative that isn’t on the beaten track? What of you want to follow the story of someone’s war service rather than visit a grave or memorial?

  • We offer a range of services to help individuals and small groups to travel to a unique destination.
  • We provide high quality research that tells the story of individuals, where they served and fought as well as where they are buried or commemorated. 
  • We can provide a tailored guide which tells the story and of the locations, activities and images that cover the story you want to follow and provides a commemorative record of your visit.
  • We have guides and historians who can accompany pasrt or all of your visit and bring the past to life. 
  • We can advise on travel arrangements and itinerary planning.